How we can help?

Presentation training is three things - giving you a strong grip on your story, connecting it with an engaging storyline and finally, preparing you to present it with confidence and grit.

Seems simple? - It’s not. Presentation training is a core differentiator that causes visible transformations not just on your presentation, but, within you too! This is, therefore, a holistic and all-encompassing developmental program that walks with you through all stages of your presentation.

Right from notes on a paper, till a presentation that audiences are glued on.

All that you’re going to need is a grip on your content, notes on slides or paper and a fair idea on the imagery you wish to use.

Give us a concept, we will guide and help transform your ideas into a tangible product, with you.

What we do

Story: Qcept is changing the way presentations are read and delivered. From just words and images on a presentation, the focus has now shifted to the story and storytelling. When you involve yourself in a training session, you will be walked through how to craft a compelling and decluttered story with ease. By the end of the training, you would’ve learned methods for highlighting and emphasizing key messages.

Design: Connect with your audience by deconstructing your slides. Clean, crisp and impactful slides are what the presentation-mature audience wishes to be a part of. Here, with Qcept, you can either learn how to do this from scratch or, once we’ve handed over your template to you. Design your presentations with your audience in mind. Clarify and amplify your message to reach your audience’s heart.

Deliver: Build your voice within presentations by focusing on projection, intonation, emphasis, and pacing. Creating and presenting a presentation are two very different things - both requiring focus and dedication. Delivering a presentation right will urge individuals to get convinced about your idea and support it. Confidence within a presentation does indeed go a long way.

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