Don’t let your audience tell you, let us help you!

We, as humans have been storytellers for generations. But, as we have been telling stories, over time, we’ve lost focus on the essence of storytelling and have focused more on the fancies of the act.

Within the corporate realm, there is a massive shortage of time and therefore, attention span – no one has the time to sit through long presentations; they want crisp, detailed and neatly presented information.

That’s where Qcept comes in – with your presentation, we start from scratch. We build and refresh your story so all elements of the story stay intact and are recounted at the right time.

How we do it

Analyze: We sit with you and brainstorm ‘What Does My Audience Want To See/Hear’?

We answer this question by creating a clear objective and goal, then, working backward to achieve it. The end goal is your story sticks like superglue; it’s so well connected and interlinked – it can’t be broken into fragments.

Act: Once we have your key points and objective laid out, we now focus on ‘How Do I Keep My Audience Engaged?’
Within this, we construct story flows, your key messaging and attention points, along with a focus on de-cluttering irrelevant information.

This part, we feel is the most important because not only do you now have a story, you have one that has a stickiness factor. A story that can be told and re-told with the same passion as it was the first time. That’s the punch a good story packs.

Deliver: A presentation with typos, sentences that run for days and one that sometimes strays – is bound to annoy the audience. In this part, we focus on answering ‘How Do I Use Words As My Superpower?’

We at Qcept answer that question by editing, shortening, deleting, adding content wherever necessary to add finesse to your presentation deck. The spotlight is on you, shine like a star!


Our end goal is to leave your audience triggered – their heart and mind racing for more.
Now, that’s the power of an exemplary story.