Investors are not only busy but selective when investing in startups

Less than 10%
of startups actually secure funding

3.44 Mins
on average, an investor spends
reviewing a pitch

2000+ Pitches
on average, a partner in a VC firm is exposed per year

Did you know that having the right pitch can highly increase the chances of raising funding?

Fundraising isn't a design competition, it's a communication competition. To communicate your vision and leave a lasting impact on investors, your pitch needs to be informative and engaging; with a meaningful design to grab attention.

As a presentation consultancy firm, we go in-depth to understand the value proposition and the solution your startup is offering. This helps in putting together a pitch which communicates strengths, business plan, etc. in a crisp and compelling presentation.

Our strength is simplifying overall messaging of the pitch, combining with meaningful visuals. Our approach helps the investor to understand the startup’s vision easily and influence them to take action.


Startup Pitches to
VC and Angel Investors

The challenge with startup pitches is how to explain a completely new concept to an impatient investor who is flooded with pitches and business plans every day.

We understand the investor mindset and create pitches that are a combination of bold, highly visual slides in the beginning to explain the problem (and the solution), and consulting-style slides in the back to discuss the team, the milestones, and the financial projections.

VC/PE Institutional
Fundraising Pitches

Venture capital and private equity funds need to raise money themselves, and the presentations they use often sound/look the same. First-time funds need to pitch their credibility, follow-on fund raises need to present their portfolio and track record.

We help VC/PE firms create an edge over others by getting to the heart of their investment proposition, uniqueness, and past performance to put together a presentation that is crisp, easy to understand with the use of engaging visuals.

Startup Pitch

Pitch competitions are another way to kick start your startup by raising enough funds to do a proof of contest for your idea. These presentations are very short and need to be orchestrated carefully with fewer words and more visuals.

The work here involves almost scripting a movie: an interesting story that does not necessarily cover all aspects of the business, but excite the audience enough, so they come back for further meetings wanting to find out more.

Pitch Deck Packages

Bespoke Design

Redesign and repackage your existing deck

Presentation template
Custom PowerPoint template on your company branding

Visualization and slide design
Convert textual slides into visually engaging graphics using images, icons, diagrams, charts, etc.

Design + Messaging

Complete overdoing of your pitch deck

Everything in the design package

Create the structure and flow of the presentation

Refine content and slide messaging


Custom offerings for startups/VC firms

Market research

Financial modelling and valuation

Fundraising strategy and advisory

Marketing and branding


Let the
numbers speak!

$ M
raised by firms using our decks
pitch decks created
industry experience
coffee meetings with founders
Sheetal Bahl

“I've worked with Qcept Presentations extensively to ideate, create, or improve documents, and have had a very good experience each time. They are easy to work with, sharp in their understanding of the needs, timely in their delivery, and rock solid in the output. And entirely trustworthy with highly sensitive data, which is very comforting. Two thumbs up.”

Sheetal Bahl, Partner, growx Ventures

Ishita Swarup

“We worked with Qcept Presentations to help create an investor presentation and four things stood out very clearly: they are extremely easy to work with (professional and responsive); clearly understand the mind of an investor and thus, how to creatively position the storyline; have just the right design sensibilities; and knows how to give voice to data and information using appropriate frameworks and tools.”

Ishita Swarup, Founder, StudioRasa
Mike Knowles

"Just a note to thank you for the excellent work Qcept carried out for us. The pitch you prepared was thorough, accurate and perfectly presented. We have already had a considerable positive response which is proof of Qcept’s understanding of the need. Your timing and follow up was first class. Should you ever require a reference, I would be delighted to step up."

Mike Knowles – Professor Emeritus, Founder, ACADEMY


"A job well done! I can confidently say that Qcept is a team of experts who filtered the bulky content to bring key messages in front. They weaved these messages together into a storyline, that made it easier for our investors to understand, and the visuals encouraged them to read the details."

Samarthya Bhargava, CEO and Co-founder, SUPPORT

Qcept did a brilliant job at ZFW’s Pitch Deck. We’re thoroughly impressed with the content & design. The team filtered our content dump in order to bring out the message and the key performance indicators. All of this was then stitched into a storyline along with visualsand infographics. The turn around time throughout the project was never more than a few hours. Should you ever require a reference, I'd be happy to step up.

Madhav Kasturia, Founder, ZFW Hospitality
Soumitra Mishra

I loved their professionalism, right from the first discussion to the final delivery, they were so clear about what we wanted and how Qcept has to provide that to us. They are great when it comes to the understanding of the business and how to bring that up front by effective storytelling and design. Looking forward to working with them on multiple projects in future.

Soumitra Mishra, CEO and Co-founder, Claro Agro